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1877 December 6
Edison's recording of 'Mary had a little lamb'.
1888 October 6
Sir Arthur Sullivan's recorded message to Thomas Edison about the phonograph.
1920 November 2
KDKA election results broadcast.
1922 December 5
Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawks Orchestra playing Night Hawk Blues to invite requests to be played on air. Lyrics [Source: Terra Media archives]
1923 October 29
German medium wave broadcasting opening announcement from Senderstelle Berlin.
Listen 1938 September 30
Neville Chamberlain speaks on his return from meeting Adolf Hitler. [Source: BBC]
1938 October 30
Opening speech of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds. Notice the precise exposition of the circumstances of the broadcast.
1939 September 3
Places of entertainment in the UK are closed on the outbreak of war. [Source: BBC]
1940 June 5
J B Priestley makes his first Postscript broadcast on BBC radio. [Source: BBC]
1940 October 15
A bomb scores a direct hit on Broadcasting House, London during the BBC's 9pm news. [Source: BBC]
1949 January 9
BBC Director-General Sir William Haley eulogises the late Tommy Handley. [Source: BBC]
1950 August 27
Extract from Richard Dimbleby's commentary during BBC outside broadcast from Calais. [Source: BBC]
1955 November
ABC Television audio signature and announcement.
1956 July/September
ABC Television Armchair Theatre announcement.


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