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These are topics for which we have only sketchy information and would welcome any ideas, details or comments.

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Q2 Is the British Board of Film Censorship/Classification the only film censor in the world whose on-screen certificate has ever identified the date of construction (c.1670) and the architect (Christopher Wren)  of the building that houses its offices?

Q3  1963   Was the first use of the word 'videogram' in connection with the invention by Colin Mason of a home video system? Does anyone have any more information about this system?

Q5 When was the 'watershed' (9pm in the UK and similar elsewhere) introduced to television as the dividing line between levels of acceptability in programming? Has it ever been legislated? [asked by a student at Warwick University—thanks]

Q6 Who knows anything about British Ozaphane and its Duo-Trac optical sound format for consumer use? The Terra Media Archive includes one such reel (identified as Reel 2/316). There seems to be no other reference on the entire World Wide Web, other than the one under 1937.

Q7 In or around 1949 British cinema mogul J Arthur Rank commissioned a firm in Chicago to make large-screen television systems for use in cinemas. Which firm was it and did it have a track record in this area?

Q8  1942 late   Does anyone know whether the RAF Beachy Head site is the location from which German television broadcasts from the Eiffel Tower transmitter were monitored? It was certainly in that area and described as a 'shed' by one source.

Q9 The date for Desilu's acquisition of the former RKO studio is variously given as 1955, 1956, 1957 and 1958. Of these 1957 looks the most reliable but what is true? And why so many versions?

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David Fisher