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Cultural highlights of 1937

Radio shows: US
New shows
The Goodwill Hour (Mutual network from 1 August). 'You have a friend and advisor in John J Anthony.'
The Guiding Light ( NBC from 25 January). Daytime soap. It remains on the air until 1956 and transfers to television in 1952.
Lorenzo Jones (NBC from 26 April). Stars Karl Swenson throughout its 18-year run.
Our Gal Sunday (from 29 March). Run lasts to 1959.
The Second Husband (CBS from 2 June). Drama series begins a 10-year run.
Mr Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons (from 12 October). Its 22-year run makes it the longest-running detective serial on US radio.

Print media
The Dandy. First edition of the comic (home of Dennis the Menace and Desperate Dan, of cow pie fame) is published by D C Thomson, newspaper publisher of Dundee, Scotland (4 December).

Chronomedia 1937

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