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Cultural highlights of 1938

Radio shows: UK
New shows
These You Have Loved (BBC). Popular light music.

Radio shows: US
New shows
Central City (from 21 November). Crime series that runs until 1941.
Information, Please! (NBC Blue Network, from 17 May). Quiz hosted by Clifton Fadiman.
Joyce Jordan, Girl Intern (CBS, from 30 May). It spawns The Brighter Day 10 years later.
Life Can Be Beautiful (NBC Red network, from 5 September). Drama series, an 'inspiring message of faith drawn from life' that runs until 1954.
Mercury Theatre (CBS, from 11 July). Dramatisations of classic stories starring Orson Welles. The 17th in the series, on 30 October, is 'War of the Worlds'. When it attracts sponsorship it becomes
Campbell Playhouse (ABC, from 9 December).
The Railroad Hour (NBC). Runs until 21 June 1954.
Stella Dallas (NBC Red network, from 6 June). Drama series, a 'true to life story of mother love and sacrifice'. It runs until 1955.
This Day is Ours (CBS, from 7 November). Soap, runs for two years. 
Woman in White (NBC Red Network, from 3 January). Dramatic reconstructions featuring real-life doctors and nurses. It runs for 10 years.

Print media
DC Comics Action Comics, the first of which (1 June) features the first appearance of Superman. It sells for 10 cents.
Picture Post, British illustrated news magazine founded by Edward Hulton.

Other media
Our Town by Thornton Wilder (Henry Miller Theatre, New York, from 4 February), Pulitzer Prize for drama awarded 2 May.

Chronomedia 1938

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