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Cultural highlights of 1958

Television: Australia
New shows
• Bandstand (TCN-9). Music. Runs until 1972.
• Swallow Juniors (HSV-7). Children's drama. Runs until 1971.

Television: UK
New shows
• Black and White Minstrel Show (BBC from 14 June). Non-stop songs with performers in black-face make-up.
• Blue Peter (BBC from 16 October). Children's magazine. (Still running in 2008.)
• Grandstand (BBC, Saturday afternoons from 11 October). Sports. (Series to be phased out by 2009.)
• Monitor (BBC from 2 February). Arts, introduced by Huw Wheldon. Runs for seven years and includes some of the best television films ever made.
• Oh Boy! (ABC for the ITV Network, from 13 September). Fast-paced pop music show, starring Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde, the Dallas Boys, Harry Robinson Sound (aka Lord Rockingham's XI), etc; compered by Jimmy Henney, produced by Jack Good.
• Quatermass and the Pit (BBC from 22 December). Six-part science-fiction drama, later filmed.

Top-rated programmes in ITV-receiving homes only
1 Dotto (ATV for ITV Network). Join-the-dots quiz show from a US format (axed in US on August 15 amid quiz show scandals). Runs until 1960.
2 Wagon Train (ITV network). US filmed western.
3 Sunday Night at the London Palladium (ATV for ITV network). Variety.
4 The Army Game (Granada for ITV network). Military service sitcom.
5 Television Playhouse (various for ITV network). One-off dramas.
6 Twenty-One (Granada for ITV network). Quiz show based on the soon-to-be-infamous US version. Ran for only one season because of unproven corruption claims.
7 Spot the Tune (Granada for ITV network). Musical quiz show in its third year. Runs until 1962.
8 Take Your Pick (Associated-Rediffusion for ITV network). Quiz show produced by independent Arlington Television & Radio, runs from 1955 until 1968 (and revived 1992-1998).
9 Double Your Money (Associated-Rediffusion for ITV network). Quiz show produced by independent Arlington Television & Radio, runs from 1955 until 1968.
10 Murder Bag (Associated-Rediffusion for ITV network). Crime series in its second year.

Radio: UK
Single productions
• The Ballad of John Axon by Ewan MacColl and Charles Parker (BBC Third Programme, 2 July). A 'radio ballad', blending actuality recordings with folk music. Seven more radio ballads are produced by Parker and MacColl between 1959 and 1964.
• Rhinoceros by Eugθne Ionesco in a translation by Derek Prouse (BBC Third Programme, 20 August). Theatre of the absurd play which later has its stage premiere at the Schauspielhaus, Dόsseldorf, Germany on 31 October.
• Unman, Wittering and Zigo by Giles Cooper (BBC Third Programme, 23 November). Black comedy.

Television: US
New shows
• The Andy Williams Show (ABC, from 3 July). Music. Later transfers to CBS and then NBC
• 77 Sunset Strip (Warner). Private eye series.
• Young Dr Malone (from 29 December). Soap.

Other: stage
• The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter opens in London (19 May)
• The Hostage by Brendan Behan opens in London (14 October)

• Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui (The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui) by Bertolt Brecht, weritten as a satire on Hitler in 1941, is premiered in Stuttgart (10 November)

Other: print
• Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak published in English translation in the US (5 September). Pasternak refuses the Nobel Prize for Literature on 29 October.

Chronomedia 1958

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