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Chronomedia 1969

Predictions from 1969

Professor D J Bradley
Head of the laser research team at Queen's University, Belfast.
Lasers would be used 'in the not too distant future' to increase radically the speed of computer operations and facilitate faster and cheaper printing of books and newspapers. By the end of the century lasers could be used to create displays that would show an up-to-the-minute newspaper or colour magazine on the living-room wall, activated by a wave of the hand. Photographic cameras could have a 'crystal layer' that would allow high-capacity storage of holographic colour images.

Lillian Roxon
Australian writer on popular music
Some people believe that by 2001 rock will be entirely machine-made. Machines will be programmed so that combinations of different sounds will be left to chance. At-home listeners will have controls that will make it possible for them to 'produce' a record—speed it up, slow it down, make it louder and softer, and separate the tracks, adding, subtracting, overdubbing—to create their own version of a hit. There will be no live performances, no stages. Music will be heard with a small circle of friends, not a group of strangers.
Rock Encyclopedia, 1969


Chronomedia 1969

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