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Cultural highlights of 2000

UK television
New shows
Big Brother (Endemol for Channel Four). Unreal 'reality television' show.
In a British Film Institute poll of members of the UK television industry to find the most popular British television programmes to date, the top 10 were
1 Fawlty Towers
2 Cathy Come Home (The Wednesday Play)
3 Doctor Who
4 The Naked Civil Servant
5 Monty Python's Flying Circus
6 Blue Peter
7 Boys from the Blackstuff
8 Parkinson
9 Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister
10 Brideshead Revisited
The full list is on the BFI website (opens in new window). Voters were presented with a pre-determined list of 650 candidates, albeit with the option to write in other titles (of which other voters would not be aware).
In a corresponding BFI poll asking voters to nominate their favourite foreign television programme the top 10 were
1 Fraszier (USA)
2 Heimat (Germany)
3 Das Boot (Germany)
4 The Simpsons (USA)
5 Hill Street Blues (USA)
6 Twin Peaks (USA)
7 The Phil SIlvers Show (USA)
8 Seinfeld (USA)
9 Friends (USA)
10 The Sopranos (USA)

US television
New shows
Big Brother (Endemol for CBS). Unreal 'reality television' show.

In a New Year poll of Swedish music reviewers Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael was voted the tune of the century (see also 1999), followed by Kurt Weill's Mack the Knife.

Chronomedia 2000

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