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3500 BC  Sumerians make clay tablet records of pictograms.  
3200 BC  Ritualistic religious drama is performed in Egypt.  
2200 BC approx  Earliest existing writing on papyrus.  
1500 BC approx  Phoenicians develop an alphabet.  
1270 BC approx  An encyclopaedia is compiled by a Syrian scholar.  
775 BC approx  A Greek phonetic alphabet is developed, written from left to right.  
500 BC approx  A pony express mail service exists in Persia.
Greeks use smoke signals, mirrors, beacon fires,trumpets and shouting to relay messages.
Greek drama begins to flourish.
Chinese calligraphers use reeds dipped into pigments to write on bamboo.
400 BC approx  Chinese write on silk sheets.  
330 BC  The first public library opens in Athens.  
270-260 BC approx  Euclid defines the 'golden section': a visually pleasing ratio of the sides of rectangle. It is the basis of the 'A' paper sizes and has a ratio of 1.618:1 (or 1:0.618).  
200 BC approx  Books are made out of vellum and parchment.  
105 AD/CE  Paper made of pulped rags in a frame is invented in China by T’sai Lun, the Minister of Agriculture.  
140 approx  Ptolemy describes the persistence of vision phenomenon, the optical basis of all moving picture illusions.  
350 approx  In Egypt a book of psalms is written on parchment and bound in wood covers.  
375  In India, Sanskrit drama reaches its apogee with Sakuntalā by Kālidāsa.  
600 approx  Book printing begins in China.  
700 approx  Printing begins in Korea.  
751 or 768  Paper-making technique is taught to Arabs by Chinese prisoners of war captured at Samarkand.  
765  Picture book printing is known in Japan.  
794  Paper-mills are established at Baghdad, owned by the state.  
842  Serment de Strasbourg.  
868  Hand printing known in India.  
978-984  Compilation of a 1,000-volume Chinese encyclopaedia.  
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