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The core of the site is Chronomedia, a chronology of international media development with one page for each year from 1885. Years prior to that, for each of which there is less information, are grouped in small batches of five years between 1820 and 1884 or larger groupings before that.
        Cross-referencing has been included to make it possible to follow themes as they develop over time. Clicking on a highlighted word or phrase will usually link to a previous event, less often a subsequent one; small arrows may also activate such links, especially to the next in time.
        Within Chronomedia there are also links to other areas of the site.

The Quotations department is arranged alphabetically by source, one letter per page. An index of names has links to individuals quoted. An index by subject is also provided (already extensive but still being compiled).

Media is a new department, currently in development, and includes individual sections about Cinema & Film, Radio and Television as well as
The quest for home video: A step-by-step account of the hundred-year development of technologies that have worked towards the video market we know today.
Cinema-television: A similar section devoted to the topic of using television technology to present large-screen public entertainment and information.
Media change: Short pieces examining the effect of innovation at critical periods of media development, such as the introduction of potentially challenging new technologies.

The Reference section includes
A section compiling information about Law, regulation and censorship is also mainly limited to UK experience but is now also beginning to look at such issues as international trade and relations.
Contemporary documents gathers original source material to set historical events in their contemporary context.
The Statistics section, which is concerned at the moment mainly with only historical British data.

Early development of Chronomedia was financially assisted by the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation. KK Foundation

Comments and proposed corrections are most welcome.

Note: Terra Media has no connection with any other company, organisation or product with the same name anywhere in the world. It is a limited company registered in the United Kingdom since 1999. Accept no substitutes.

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