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Guide to conventions

Each Chronomedia page includes various navigation options in addition to the main navigation panel at the top of the page.
takes you to Chronokey, from which you have access to all years of the chronology.
Cultural highlights opens a page that shows the media highlights of the year: significant new radio and television programmes, films, other media. (These pages are still mostly in an embryonic form.)
Predictions made this year opens a page that shows predictions made in the same year.
< previous | next > takes you to the previous or following year
Links to other pages are included in the right-hand column; highlighted words in text provide further links, usually to previous references in the sequence on that topic
The header on all pages takes you to each major section of the site. Return takes you back to the page you just came from.
Symbols and icons used throughout this website
Chronomedia Quotations Documents Video  Law & regulation radio TV cameraThese icons are used to indicate links.

This bullet is also used to indicate a link.
indicates a link to an external website.
Chronological order
Under each year entries are arranged by month, with those for which a day of the month can be identified coming before those without. Entries with no month are normally grouped at the end of the annual sequence unless an approximate time of year can be identified.
References are in the form of YEAR MONTH DAY, as appropriate and/or possible, the year being omitted where the reference is within the same year. The 24-hour clock is used, references being given in hours:minutes.
In tables, — (dash) indicates not applicable, : (colon) indicates no data available, 0 (zero) indicates nil
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