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Complete UK film listing 1947
Part 5: European films

Films in colour have the title in red. Titles are as for UK release, the original being added where necessary.
  distributor trade show stars length r/t cert   registration number release date
        ft mins        
Barber of Seville, The Film Traders May 9 Tito Gobbi, Nelly Corradi 8,100 90 U   F10267 Not fixed
Bataille du Rail Film Traders Oct 8 Salina, Daurand, Lozach 8,000 89 A   F10802 Not fixed
Behind These Walls ABFD Sep 18 Pierre Brasseur, Jean Brochard, Santa Relli 8,428 94 A   F10805 Not fixed
Boule de Suif GCT   Micheline Presle, Louis Salou 9,000 100 A   F10382 Not fixed
Déserteur, Le GCT Apr 28 Jean Pierre Aumont, Corinne Luchaire 8,200 91 A   F10241 Not fixed
Domino Film Traders Feb 10 Fernand Gravey, Simone Renant 9,000 100 A   F10039 Not fixed
Douce GFD-French Aug 18 Adette Joyeux, Madeleine Robinson, Roger Pigaut 7,600 84 A   F10677 Not fixed
Gambling Hell [Macao, l'enfer du jeu] Renown May 28 Eric Von Stroheim, Mireille Balin, Sessue Hayakawa 7,200 80 A   F10388 Immediate
Loi du Nord, La Film Traders Jun 4 Michele Morgan, Charles Vanel 9,000 100 A   F10412 Not fixed
Monsieur Lasouris Studio One Distributors Apr 16 Raimu, Aime Clariond, Micheleine Francey 8,788 98 A   F10195 Not fixed
Open City [Roma, città aperta] British Lion Jul 18 Anna Magnani, Aldo Fabrizi 9,400 104 A   F10521 Not fixed
Panique British Lion May 28 Michael Simon, Viviane Romance 9,900 110 A   F10342 Not fixed
Partie de Campagne Film Traders Oct 8 Sylvia Bataille, Georges Saint-Saens 3,700 41 A   F10803 Not fixed
Pontcarral Colonel d'Empire Film Traders Apr 1 Pierre Blanchar, Annie Ducaux, Suzy Carrier 9,000 100 U   F10161 Not fixed
Sorcerer, The [Sortilèges] Exclusive Oct 8 Renee Faure, Madeleine Robinson, Roger Pigaut 7,192 80 A   F10830 Feb 1948
Sortilèges (French dialogue) Exclusive Oct 8 Renee Faure, Madeleine Robinson, Roger Pigaut 9,000 100 A   F10830 Nov
Stone Flower, The [Kamennyy tsvetok] Film Traders Apr 28 Vladimir Druzhnikov, Ekaterina Derevshchikova 7,000 78 U   F10238 Not fixed
Stormy Waters [Remorques] MGM  Jul 29 Jean Gabin, Michele Morgan, Madeleine Renaud 6,733 75 A   F10657 Dec 8
Symphonie Pastorale, La GCT Jan 12 Michele Morgan, Pierre Blanchar 9,600 107 A   F9916 Not fixed
Vivere in Pace GCT Oct 28 Aldo Fabrizi, Gar Moore, Mirella Monti 8,200 91 A   F10975 Not fixed
Voile Bleu, Le Film Traders Dec 12 Gaby Morlay 10,000 111 A   F10848 Not fixed
Well Digger's Daughter, The [La fille du puisatier] British Lion May 6 Raimu, Fernandel, Josette Day 11,000 122 A   F10256 Not fixed


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