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US experimental television stations

Listed by broadcaster

We are grateful to the Du Mont Project, based in Denver, Colorado for supplying this listing.

CP  Construction Permit
pk  Peak Power
t     Temporary Allocation

        MHz (Channel) visual aural
Balaban & Katz Corporation Chicago, IL W9XBK 66-72 (4) 4kw 2kw
 Portable-Mobile W9XBB W9XBK 384-396 10w none
  W9XBT W9XBK 204-216 (11-12) 40w none
  W9XPR 354-396 10w none
Bendix Aviation Corp. Towson, MD (CP) W3XBS 600-620 (p) 100w none
Cherry & Webb Broadcasting Company Providence County, RI (CP) W1XDZ 480-500 (t) 1kw 1kw (pk)
CBS New York, NY W2XCB WCBW 346-358 25w (pk) none
  W2XCS 480-496 1kw (pk) 1 kw
Conestoga Television Association Salisbury Townshop/Lancaster, PA (CP) W3XBR 590-610 (t) 200w (pk) none
Continental Television Corporation Boston, MA (CP) W1XDY 580-630 (p,t) -- --
Cowles Broadcasting Company Wheaton, MD (CP) W3XOL (p) 3kw (pk) none
Crosley Broadcasting Corporation Cincinnati, OH (CP) W8XCT 66-72 (4) 1kw 1 kw
Don Lee Broadcasting System Los Angeles, CA W6XAO 54-60 4kw (pk) 2kw
  W6XDU W6XAO 318-330 6.5w 50w
Hollywood, CA (CP) W6XNO 560-600; 840-880 250w (pk) 250w
Allen B DuMont Laboratories New York, NY W2XWV 76-82 (5) 4kw (pk) 1kw
    W2XEM WABD & W2XWV 496-508; 524-544 1kw (pk) 1kw
  W10XKT W2XVT 258-270 (15-16) 50w none
New York, NY (CP) W2XNG 210-216 (13) 40w none
Passaic, NJ W2XVT 78-84 (4) 50w 50w
Washington DC W3XWT 76-82 (p,t) 4kw (pk) 2kw
Farnsworth Television & Radio Corporation Fort Wayne, IN (CP) W9XFT 66-72 (p,t) 4kw (pk) 6kw
General Electric Company Schenectady, NY W2XGE WRGB 162-168 (8) 60w (pk) 50w
Intermountain Broadcasting Corporation Salt Lake City, UT W6XIS 54-60; 192-196 (p,t) 400w (pk) 200w
Journal Company Milwaukee, WI (CP) W9XKY (p) 100w none
Kansas State College Manhattan, KS (CP) W0XBV 44-50; 500-510 (p,t) 400w 200w
Metropolitan Television New York, NY W2XMT 162-168 (8) 50w (pk) 50w
NBC New York, NY W2XBT WNBT 162-168 (8) 400w none
  W2XBU WNBT 282-294 (17-18) 15w none
North Jersey Broadcasting Company Clifton, NJ (CP) W2XNJ 514-520; 900-920; 1302-1325 (p,t) 1kw (pk)  1kw (pk)
Philco Corporation Springfield Township, PA (CP) W3XF (p) 1kw (pk) 1kw
Washington, Philadelphia, New York W10XAF Relay 1667 (p,t) 50kw(pk) none
  W10XAD 1305-1325; 1345-1365; 1375-1395 (p,t) 50kw none
Philco Television Broadcasting Corp Springfield Township, PA W3XE 60-66 (3) 10kw (pk) 11kw
Central MD, NE MD, SE PA, & DC W3XPD Relay 204-216 (11-12) 40w (pk) 40w
  W3XPE Relay 230-242 (13-14) 40w (pk) 40w
  W3XPF Relay 204-216 (11-12) 40w (pk) 40w
  W3XPG Relay 204-216 (11-12) 40w (pk) 40w
  W3XPH Relay 230-242 (13-14) 40w (pk) 40w
  W3XPI Relay 204-216 (11-12) 40w (pk) 40w
  W3XPK Relay 230-242 (13-14) 40w (pk) 40w
  W3XPL Relay 230-242 (13-14) 40w (pk) 40w
Philadelphia, Washington, New York W10XPB 230-242 (13-14) 40w none
  W10XAE Relay 1325-1345 (p,t) 50kw (pk) none
  W10XP Relay 230-242 (13-14) 40w (pk) 40w
  W10XPA Relay 230-242 (13-14) 40w (pk) 40w
  W10XPC Relay 230-242 (13-14) 40w (pk) 40w
  W10XPR Relay 204-216 (11-12) 40w (pk) 40w
Pulitzer Publishing Company St Louis, MO (CP) W0XDW (p) .1w none
Purdue University West Lafayette, IN (CP) W9XG 66-72 (3) 750w 750w
RCA Camden, NJ W3XAD Relay 321-327; 6950-7050 (p,t) 500w 500w
  W3XEP 204-210; 82-88; 192-198 (t) 30kw 30kw
Continental US: Portable-Mobile  (CP) W10XLV Relay 1295-1375 20w 20w
  W10XLW Relay 12500-13000 (p,t) 20w 20w
Sherron Metallic Corporation Brooklyn, NY (CP) W2XDK 76-82; 210-216 (13); 500-510 (p,t) 10kw (pk) 10kw
St Louis University St Louis, MO (CP) W0XDP (p) 1kw 1kw
State University of Iowa Iowa City, IA W9XUI 210-216 (13); 44-50 (1) 100w none
William B Still (trading as Jamaica Radio Television Co) Jamaica, Long Island, NY W2XJT 210-216(13) 400w (pk) 100w
Television Productions Los Angeles, CA W6XLA W6XYZ 480-508 (p,t) 100w (pk) 50w
Times-Mirror Company Pasadena, CA (CP) W6XPC 520-555; 700-735; 885-920 (p,t) 1kw (pk) 1kw
Gus Zaharis South Charleston, WV W8XGZ 54-60 (2) 200w (pk) 110w
Zenith Radio Corporation Chicago, IL W9XZC 512-528 (p) 1kw (pk) 1kw
  W9XZV 54-60 (2) 1kw 1kw
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