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Baird at 22 Frith Street 1924 AT&T cross-country network 1954 Coronation Street 1960
Baird Junior TV kit 1931 First Eurovision link 1954 Community cable 1972
Elizabeth Cowell at the BBC 1936 First members of the ITA 1954  
RCA Telemobiles 1937 DuMont Electronicam 1955  
TV set adverts 1937 Zenith FlashMatic remote control 1955  
TV set adverts 1938 Ampex VTR demonstration 1956 Start dates of world television services
RCA television sets 1939 Ampex VTR at the BBC 1956 Television service starts (graph)
World's Fair 1939 Douglas Edwards and the News on VTR 1956 US experimental television by location
TV across the Channel 1950 BBC Vera video recorder 1958 US experimental television stations
TV on Coronation Day 1953 Western Nigerian TV schedule 1959 US experimental television by operator