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UK record prices 1940-1943

All dealer deliveries of gramophone records from 21 October 1940 were subject to the new 'luxury goods' rate of purchase tax of 33? per cent to discourage consumption of goods during wartime. Manufacturers increased basic prices from 1 January 1942 to cover rising costs. The purchase tax rate was doubled to 66? per cent on 15 April 1942 and increased again on 13 April 1943 to 100 per cent.
    pre-war from from from
labels size price 1 Jan 42 15 Apr 42 13 Apr 43
Regal Zonophone, Rex 10-inch 1s 6d 2s 5d 2s 11d 3s 4d
Columbia, HMV, Parlophone magenta, Decca F series, Brunswick RL series, Beltona blue 10-inch 2s 0d 3s 0d 3s 7d 4s 2d
Brunswick O series, Columbia and Parlophone dark blue, Parlophone Rhythm-Style, HMV plum, Decca M series, Polydor PO series, Beltona red 10-inch 3s 0d 3s 11d 4s 8d 5s 4d
Columbia light and dark blue, HMV red and plum, Parlophone dark blue and Odeon, Brunswick, Decca DE, K and LY series, NGS 10-inch 4s 0d 4s 10d* 5s 9d 6 7d
Columbia light blue, HMV red, Parlophone Odeon, Decca-Polydor CA and X series 12-inch 6s 0d 7s 4d* 8s 7d 9s 11d
Decca-Polydor S and B (Beyreuth) series 12-inch 6s 6d 7s 11d* 9s 4d 10s 8d

*No increase in manfacturer prices

Source: The Gramophone, May 1943

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