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        3D movies
        Digital transmission changeover
        Early TV audiences
        Early BBC television appreciation research
        Family films and UK cinemagoing
        Feature film negative costs
        Hollywood moves from silent to sound
        Olympic media dossier: pages for each Games
        Radio and TV take-up in the UK
        Shift from radio listening to TV viewing
        TV receiver prices
    Cinema and film
        Complete UK film listing for 1947
        Vertical integration in the film industry
        Cinema-television chronology
        Baird large-screen TV at the Coliseum (1930)
        Fernseh at the Berlin Olympics (1936)
        RCA projection television (1939)
        RCA projection television (1947)
        RCA projection television (1949)
        Philips large-screen TV (1951)
         World TV service starts
             in graph form
         US experimental television stations
             by location
             by operator
    The quest for home video
        Anthony Spiral camera/projector (1898)
        Urban Spirograph (1907-1915)
        Loewe Optacord 500 (1961)
        Telcan (1963)
        Loewe Optacord 600 (1965)
        EVR (1969) 2 pages
        RCA HoloTape (1969)
        TeD video disc (1970) 2 pages
        Video disc systems survey part 1 (1970s)
        Video disc systems survey part 2 (1970s)
        JVC launches VHS in the UK (1978)
        Video and TV prices (1978)
        CD-i designers manual (1987)

        Baird talk on WMCA radio New York (1931)
        Build your own Baird Televisor (1928)
        Broadcast English (1931)
        BBC TV schedule for Radiolympia (1936)
        BBC press release for start of TV service (1936)
        Opening of BBC Television (1936)
        British film policy (1949)
        British Satellite Broadcasting: the full responsibility (1988)
    Media law and regulation
        UK media laws
           List of statutes
           Guide to presentation
           Cinema and film laws
           Broadcasting laws
           Telecom laws
           Related statutes
           Other legislation
        British media inquiries, White Papers and official reports
           Film and cinema
        Quotas and levies
        American film boycotts
        British film import duty
        UK entertainments tax
        Defining films and 'British'
        Film classification schemes
        Video classification schemes
    British media statistics
        Audio statistics
        Cinema statistics
        Film statistics
        Radio statistics
        Television statistics
        Video statistics
        Miscellaneous statistics

The following section, although still part of this site, also has its own domain:
Brighton & Hove, film and cinema
    Brighton at the dawn of cinema
        William Friese-Greene house
    Cinemas in Brighton & Hove
        includes a set of annotated city maps
    Brighton cinema directory
        with links to pages on individual cinemas
    Cinema in Sussex
    Films made in the Brighton & Hove area
        Silent era
        Sound era
        Short films
    Films made in Shoreham
    Films set in the Brighton & Hove area


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