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January 15  Paramount Home Video announces a promotion deal with Pepsi Cola to include a 30-second commercial for Diet Pepsi at the start of the video release of Top Gun, which will sell for $3 less than the usual consumer video price.  
January 18  In the week just ended, US Public Broadcasting System (PBS) achieves an audience reach of more than 100m viewers (ie, watching at some time during the week) for the first time.  
January 25  American football's Super Bowl XXI is seen by 127m US viewers and sets a new record for advertising rates: $600,000 per 30 seconds.  
January 30  UK cable channel Superchannel is launched.  
February 19  First anti-smoking commercial is aired on US television, featuring lung cancer sufferer Yul Brynner.  
February  M6, owned by Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédifusion (CLT), absorbs TV6 French music channel.  
February  CD-Video standard is agreed by Philips and Sony.  
March  Digital Video Interactive (DVI) technology is demonstrated by the GE/David Sarnoff Research Center. It gives 70 minutes of full-motion video from a conventional CD-ROM disc.  
April  France’s main state television channel, Télévision Française 1 (TF1), is privatised—the first commercial sale of a public service broadcaster in the world.  
April 16  MTV Australia created by licensing deal with Nine Network for terrestrial transmission.  
April 19  First appearance of The Simpsons as a segment on The Tracey Ullman Show.  
April  Pioneer begins mass production of CD-Video.  
May 15  Law on Film and Videograms is enacted by the Norwegian parliament.  
June   Philips announces the first full Compact Disc-Interactive (CD-i) functional specification. Sony creates the first demonstration disc of the system's possibilities. Products in the format is now scheduled to be launched in the second half of 1988.  
July 1  New York radio station WFAN-AM becomes the first with a round-the-clock sports format.  
June  Pioneer launches the first CD combi-player with CD-Video capability in US. It sells for $800.  
August 1  MTV Europe satellite/cable channel launched from UK.  
August 6  UK national broadcasters agree to work towards a target of 25 per cent of programmes being produced by independent producers, a recommendation of the Peacock Committee.  
August 31  CBS Records ships 2.25m pre-release orders of Michael Jackson's album Bad.  
August  The 'fairness doctrine' in US broadcasting is abolished by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  
August  JVC announces its high definition VHD video disc system.
The quest for home video
October  Windsor Television becomes the first UK cable company to be licensed to provide a cable telephony service.  
November  Mercury Communications is authorised to install public telephone booths in competition with British Telecom.  
December 11  Charlie Chaplin’s hat and cane sell at Christie’s auction house, London for £82,500, his boots for £38,000.  
December 11  CD-iPhilips produces a demonstration disc of the interactive possibilities of the CD-i disc and publishes a designer's manual for the CD-i format. Click on the cover for more details
end  Soviet jamming of BBC broadcasts in Russian ceases.  
•  BBC TV Europe subscription-based service is launched via satellite and cable, showing a compilation of programmes from the domestic television channels. > 1991 March 11
•  Shepperton Studios becomes part of the Lee Panavision group.  
•  The cost of preparing a ‘pan-and-scan’ version of a wide-screen movie for television is up to $8,000.  
•  Pioneer starts CD player production in France.  
•  RDS (Radio Data System) is introduced in Germany, providing information about radio channels and programmes encoded in the signal.  
•  Commodore Amiga A500 personal computer goes on sale in the UK at £499 plus VAT.  
•  Virgin takes a 45 per cent stake in the Mastertronic Group. As Virgin Mastertronic, it becomes a subsidiary of Virgin and works to develop the European market for Sega products, in which Mastertronic has recently acquired distribution rights. > 1991
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