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UK media laws: Cinema and films


9 Edw.7 c.30
An Act to make better provision for [regulating]* cinematograph and other exhibitions.

1.—Provision against cinematograph exhibition except in licensed premises. Trade shows, etc, are not 'exhibitions'.
2.—Provision as to licences. Licences to run cinemas are granted by county councils to run for up to a year.
3.—Penalties. See Criminal Justice Act 1967.
4.—Power of entry.
5.—Power of county councils to delegate.
6.—Application to county boroughs. County boroughs have the same power as county councils.
7.—Application of Act to special premises.
    (2) Licence is not necessary if shows are given for less than six days a year and if at least seven days' notice is given to the chief officer of police.
    (3) Licence is not necessary for shows in structures of 'a moveable character', if at least two days notice is given to the chief police officer and show complies with regulations.
    (4) Act does not apply to shows in dwelling houses, even if a charge is made.


1910/189     Cinematograph Regulations
1913/566     Cinematograph Regulations
1923/            New Regulations under the Cinematograph Act 1909

SIs under Cinematograph Acts 1909 to 1952

1955/1125   Cinematograph (Safety) (Scotland) Regs
1955/           Cinematograph (Children) Regs
1955/           Cinematograph (Children) (Scotland) Regs
1955/1129   Cinematograph (Safety) Regs
1955/1909   Cinematograph (Children) (No.2) Regs
1955/1912   Cinematograph (Children) (Scotland) (No.2) Regs
1958/1530   Cinematograph (Safety) Regs
1965/282     Cinematograph (Safety) Regs
1969/1575   Cinematograph (Safety) (Scotland) (Amdt) Regs
1971/471     Cinematograph (Safety) (Scotland) (Amdt) Regs
1976/1315   Cinematograph (Safety) (Amdt) Regs
1976/1621   Cinematograph (Safety) (Scotland) (Amdt) Regs

*word in square brackets added by Cinematograph Act 1952

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