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Cultural highlights of 1949

Television: US
New shows

The Aldrich Family (NBC, from 2 October). Soap, transferred from radio.
Arthur Godfrey & His Friends (CBS, from 12 January). Runs for next seven years.
Cavalcade of Stars (DuMont, from 4 June). Variety.
Colgate Theatre (NBC, from 3 January). Drama.
The Goldbergs (CBS, from 17 January). Sitcom, transferred from radio; runs for four years (to 25 June 1951).
Hopalong Cassidy (NBC network, from 26 June). Cowboy adventures, starring William Boyd.
Kukla, Fran and Ollie (networked from 12 January, see 1947). Children's.
The Lone Ranger (ABC, from 15 September). Western, first of 169 episodes specially made for television.
Red Barber's Clubhouse (CBS, from 2 July). Sports, later transfers to NBC.
Suspense (CBS, from 1 March). Thriller; runs for five years (to 17 August 1954).
These Are My Children (NBC Chicago, from 31 January). First daytime soap.
They Stand Accused (CBS, from 18 January). Legal drama, later transfers to DuMont.
The Voice of Firestone (from 5 September). Classical and light classical music (on radio since 24 December 1928).

Radio: Australia
New shows
Blue Hills (ABC). For rural dwellers, runs until September 1976.

Radio: UK
New shows
The Billy Cotton Band Show (BBC Light Programme, from 6 March).
A Book at Bedtime (BBC, weeknights at 23:00 from 31 January). Readings. Still running in 2005.

Radio: US
New shows
Dragnet (NBC's KFI in Los Angeles, from 7 July). Crime.
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (CBS). Drama series about insurance investigation. It runs until 1962.

Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman (on Broadway from 9 February)

Chronomedia 1949

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