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Cultural highlights of 1969

Television: UK
New shows

Callan (Thames/ITV), drama; Wednesdays at 9pm
Civilisation (BBC), Sir Kenneth Clark's history of art documentary series; Sundays (from 23 February)
The Dustbin Men (Granada/ITV), comedy; Tuesdays at 8.30pm
Fraud Squad (ATV/ITV), crime drama; Tuesdays at 9pm
In Loving Memory (Thames/ITV), one-off comedy [revived as a series 10 years later]
The Liver Birds (BBC), sitcom; Fridays (from 18 July)
The Main Chance (Yorkshire/ITV), legal drama; Wednesdays at 9pm
Max (Thames/ITV), variety show starring Max Bygraves; Thursdays at 9pm
Monty Python's Flying Circus (BBC2, from 5 October), comedy; Sundays at 11pm [not yet a hit]
On the Buses (London Weekend/ITV), sitcom; Fridays at 8.30pm
Pot Black (BBC2), snooker; Wednesdays (from 23 July) [devised to boost colour TV take-up: 'For those of you watching in black and white, the pink is behind the brown.']
Royal Family (BBC), two-part documentary; Saturdays at 8pm
Special Branch (Thames/ITV), crime drama; Wednesdays at 9pm
The Benny Hill Show (Thames/ITV), comedy; Wednesdays at 8pm [newly transferred from BBC]
Coronation Street (Granada/ITV), soap; Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.30pm (all year).
Please Sir (London Weekend/ITV), comedy; Saturdays at 7pm
The Power Game (ATV/ITV), business drama; Tuesdays at 9pm [final series]
This is Your Life (Thames/ITV), biography; Wednesdays at 7pm [first series of revival on ITV]
Till Death Us Do Part (BBC), sitcom (repeats); Saturdays at 9.45pm

Television: US
New shows

Andy Williams Show (NBC), music/variety.
Sesame Street (PBS, weekdays from November), children's learning.
Taken off
Star Trek (NBC), boldly gone after 69 episodes since 1966.

...and Apollo 11's moon landing and Neil Armstrong's first footing.


Chronomedia 1969

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