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Cultural highlights of 2009

UK: television poll
In January Sony commissioned a poll of 3,000 UK respondents to find the 'most memorable/favourite "World First" moment caught on TV', based on a list drawn up for a promotional video by Tal Rosner for the new range of Sony Bravia television sets. The results in descending order:
  1 Moon landing (1969)
  2 First inauguration of an African American president (2009)
  3 Televised assassination of a president (1963)
  4 Dolly, the world first cloned sheep
  5 First test tube/IVF baby (July 1978)
  6 First images from a satellite—Sputnik
  7 First flight—100 years ago
  8 First 'male' pregnancy
  9 Four minute mile—Roger Bannister (1956)
10 First televised coronation—King George VI (1936)
11 First 3d crop circle (found 11 July 2006)
12 First Queen Speech (1952)
13 First televised football match (1938)
14 First UK election (1950)
15 First use of test card (July 1967)
16 Elvis' world first TV appearance on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show
17 First black Oscar winner—Sidney Poitier
18 First live sporting event—Olympics (1936)
19 First Eurovision song contest winner—Lugano, Switzerland (1956)
20 First televised beauty competition—Miss Universe (1955)
We do not comment on polls, however contentious. However, that restraint does not apply to the blog.

Polls, eh?

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