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•  Michael Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction. Separately, Joseph Henry also discovers induction but does not publish his findings. Faraday builds the first dynamo.  
•  Joseph Henry demonstrates an electric motor at the Albany Academy in the US.  
1831 Chronokey  
February 3  The US federal Copyright Act is revised to include printed music. The term of copyright is extended to 28 years, plus the renewal period of 14 years. > 1856 August 18
1832 Chronokey  
•  Joseph-Antoine Plateau invents the Phenakistiscope, using a slotted disc to create an appearance of continuous motion when spun in front of a series of still images.  
1833 Chronokey  
•  Karl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber build an electric telegraph at Göttingen, Germany.  
•  Simon Ritter von Stampfer, a Viennese professor, invents the Stroboscope.  
1834 Chronokey  
spring  William Henry Fox Talbot [left] begins work on a photographic system.  
•  The Daedalum, later renamed the Zoëtrope, is suggested by British mathematician William George Horner (1786-1837). Based on the Phenakistiscope but with the images arranged on the inside of a rotating cylinder, it becomes popular as a toy after 1860.  
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