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May 4  Patents for a wax disc/cylinder gramophone are granted to Chichester Bell, Charles Sumner Tainter and Alexander Graham Bell. Their improvement on Edison’s original phonograph is called a graphophone. What is lacks in sound volume compared with Edison’s tin-foil cylinders, it more than gains in clarity and reduced surface noise. Although more suitable for listening through ear-tubes, it also allows for greater recording time per cylinder by using a narrower groove pitch. It can be powered by foot-treddles or an electric motor, resulting in a more consistent pitch. > 1889
May 8  Coca-Cola soft drink, invented by Dr John S Pemberton, an American druggist, goes on sale in Atlanta, Georgia.  
July 3  Linotype machine is first employed for practical typesetting by the New York Tribune.  
November  Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince (1842-90?) applies for a US patent for a 16-lens moving picture camera and projector, granted on 10 January 1888.  
•  Eugène Lauste (1856-1935), who had filed 53 patents in France by 1879, begins working for Edison. He stays until 1892. [0025] < 1885
•  Up to 60 per cent of major British newspapers, such as The Times, is devoted to advertising.  
•  International Convention for the protection of Literary and Artistic Works establishes Berne Convention on Copyright (revised Berlin 1908, Rome 1928, Brussels 1948, Stockholm 1967, Paris 1971).  
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