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May 4  Emile Berliner applies for a US patent on a ‘gramophone’, using a cylinder but changed to a disc by the time the first model is shown a year later. His principal innovation at this stage is the use of lateral cutting of the recording groove, as used in Scott's phonautograph (see at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington) and later proposed by Charles Cros and Charles Tainter rather than the vertical ('hill and dale') cutting of Edison's phonograph. > 1888
May  Stereophonic Theatrophone installation is made at the Theatre Royal (Opera House), Stockholm, Sweden, with a bank of eight receivers at the recently opened telephone headquarters building. Directors of the telephone company also benefit from the service in their homes. The service continues until the mid 1920s
June  The American Graphophone Company is established in Washington DC, with a manufacturing plant at Bridgeport, Connecticut, to make graphophones under the Bell and Tainter patents, which have been sold to a group of capitalists.  
July 26  First book is published in Esperanto, the international language invented by the Pole Ludwig Zamenhof.  
September 26  Berliner's patent for a gramophone is granted (no 372786). > 1888
November 26  Edison applies for a US patent for an improved phonograph system using wax-coated cylinders and an electric motor-driven machine (granted as no 386974).  
November 11  First use of photography for press advertising is for Harrison Patent Knitting Machine Co of Manchester, England in The Parrot, published in Manchester.  
•  Italian W Bennetto patents a ‘system of semi-dialyte separation colour photography’—later to become a basic principle of Technicolor.  
•  Animated photography presentation devised by Ottomar Anschutz uses an aspect ratio of 3:4 (portrait format).  
•  Series of shadow dramas and epopées is started by Henri Rivière at Rudolph Salis’s Chat Noir cabaret in Paris.  
•  Heinrich Rudolph Hertz describes the photoemissive effect of ultra-violet light on metal electrodes and constructs the first radio antenna during his experiments in radio wave propagation at Karlsruhe. > 1888
•  Publication of Muybridge’s 12-volume Animal Locomotion—An electrophotographic investigation of consecutive phases of animal movements.  
•  Jacob L Wortman of Philadelphia patents the typewriter ribbon.  


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