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March 5  Frenchman Georges Démeny (1850-1917), an assistant to Jules-Etienne Marey, patents the Phonoscope.  
October 23  Emile Reynaud’s Pantomimes lumineuses is demonstrated at the Musée Grévin in Paris. Three animations are shown. The titles are Pauvre Pierrot (500 images), Un bon bock (700 images) and Le clown et ses chiens (300 images). Each item lasts about 15 minutes. Only Pauvre Pierrot [right] survives; the latter two titles were subsequently destroyed by Reynaud.  
October   Introduction of 35mm film in a Kinetoscope movie camera with vertical pull-down built by W K Laurie Dickson at Edison Laboratories. The film has four rectangular perforations per frame and a frame area of one inch by three-quarters of an inch (actually 0.980 in x 0.735 in), creating an aspect ratio of 4:3. The width is Eastman Kodak’s standard 70mm photographic film slit in two. The standard, although improved on, remains the basis for theatrical motion pictures.  
December   Construction begins of Edison's 'Black Maria' film studio at West Orange, New Jersey. It is partially open to the elements and built on a turntable so that it can catch the sun.  
•  French engineer Léon Bouly (1862-1932) designs a film camera which he calls the cinématographe. > 1893
•  Théodore Puskás files for patents in Paris and Budapest on a news service to be distributed by telephone. > 1894
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