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February 1  Edison completes construction of the Black Maria studio [right]  
February 2  Fred Ott's Sneeze [left], the first film for which a copyright claim is made, is said to have been filmed this day at Edison's Black Maria studio. > 1894
•  Edison plans to launch the Kinetoscope at the World’s Fair in Chicago but the equipment is not ready in time.  
May 9  First demonstration of the Edison/Dickson Kinetoscope in public is given at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences in New York.  
August  First Edison films are deposited for copyright at the Library of Congress in the name of W K L Dickson.  
November 19  New York World Sunday newspaper publishes the first colour supplement.  
•  Eadweard Muybridge produces Zoöpraxiscope discs based on his pictures of animals in motion, a process he calls Zoöpraxography.
The quest for home video: Muybridge Zoöpraxography
•  Léon Bouly is granted a French patent (no 219350) for the Cinématographe Bouly, an improved version of the previous year's device. The patent is later sold to Antoine Lumière. The camera is kept by the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris.
> 1894
•  Thomas Henry Blair loses control of the photographic company he founded, following disputes over financing and losing a patent case brought by Eastman. Blair moves to England and sets up the European Blair Camera Company, with a factory at Foot's Cray, Kent and office in Holborn, London. > 1896
•  Telephony service begins in the Osaka-Kobe area of Japan using two manual switching systems and 224 Gower-Bell telephone units.  
•  Emile Berliner begins marketing disc gramophones in the US.  
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