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January 3  CBS sells the New York Yankees baseball team for $10m.  
January 11  First degrees are awarded by UK's Open University, partly earned by study with television and radio programmes. > June 23
January 15  An injunction preventing ITV from screening a programme made by David Bailey about Andy Warhol is granted on an application by Ross McWhirter (who has not seen the film) in the Appeal Court (which has not seen the film) as it would cause 'unlawful offence to his feelings of decency and good taste'. Quote Chris Dunkley quote

> February 5
January 28  First screening of the detective series Barnaby Jones, produced by Quinn Martin for CBS and starring Buddy Ebsen, previously the star of The Beverly Hillbillies.  
early  By now Time Inc's equity and accumulated convertible debentures give it control of 80 per cent of Sterling Communications. Time sells its interests in Sterling’s Long Island cable systems to Sterling Communications’ former head, Charles Dolan for $900,000—to become Cablevision Systems Corporation—but keeps Manhattan Cable and Home Box Office (HBO), following collapse of a deal to sell all Sterling’s assets to Warner Bros for $20m. HBO has to get 20,000 subscribers by June 1974 or face closure. [Around this time, Time also closes Life magazine and sells other ‘non-core’ assets.]  
February 5  High Court of England rejects an application by Ross McWhirter for an injunction banning the IBA from transmitting a film made by ATV about American artist Andy Warhol on the grounds that the courts should not interfere in the IBA’s lawful and considered decisions about programme content.  
February 5  Construction begins of the CN Tower in Toronto, the largest self-supporting structure in the world, to carry a variety of communications links.  
February 5  Anik communications satellite officially begins to carry television broadcasts to the north of the Canada.  
March 12  Test transmissions of BBC’s Ceefax teletext system begin.  
March 27  ATV documentary about Andy Warhol is finally screened on ITV, now that the ban has been overturned. It attracts an audience of 14m viewers of whom 84 per cent thought there had been a lot of fuss about nothing and more viewers were bored than shocked.  
March  General Instrument, whose Jerrold Electronics Division is the leading supplier of cable systems hardware, forms GI Credit Corporation with a $25m line of credit from Chase Manhattan Bank to make loans to cable operators for system construction.  
April 30  First criminal trial using entirely pre-recorded videotape evidence is Ohio v. McMillion at the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio.  
April  Development of ORACLE (Optional Reception of Announcements by Coded Line Electronics) teletext system is announced in UK by IBA engineers.  
May 17  Bristol Channel community cable television experiment begins on the local Rediffusion cable network.
[Click on the image for more about the experiments.]
> 1975
May  JVC unveils a U-format videocassette recorder with integral tuner for off-air reception.  
May  New broadcasting tower in Kiev, Ukraine, carrying five channels, comes into operation.  
June 23  First 903 Open University students receive their degrees at Alexandra Palace, London.  
June 30  Australian federal Tariff Board concludes its report on the film and television industry with recommendations for extensive restructuring of the industry in all sectors. Only changes to the Australian Film Development Corporation are implemented.  
 August 19  Dutch pirate station World Music Radio goes off the air after 10 years' broadcasting.  
August 29  Sheffield Cablevision community cable television experiment begins operations on the British Relay network at Sheffield, Yorkshire. > 1977
August  Kodak announces VP-1 videoplayer for showing Super 8 film on television receivers.  
September 11  Swindon Viewpoint's studioSwindon Viewpoint community cable television experiment starts with EMI finance on the Radio Rentals cable network in Swindon, Wiltshire, England. Click on the image for more about the experiments.
September  Television service starts in Niger. Television service start dates
October 8  London Broadcasting Company, with a news and talk format, is the first UK Independent Local Radio (ILR) station on the air.  
October 9  Capital Radio ILR station begins commercial radio transmissions in the London area.  
October  Australian government introduces a points system for television programmes to improve the quality of production.  
November  Television service starts in British Virgin Islands. Television service start dates
November  After a year of operations, US pay TV service Home Box Office (HBO) has about 8,000 subscribers, having peaked at 12,000.  
December 13  Against a background of the developing energy crisis, terrorist threats and mounting industrial unrest, the UK government announces that a three-day working week will be introduced, with electricity blackouts to conserve energy. Television services must close at 22:30 each evening. A national state of emergency had been introduced on 13 November.
December 31  First broadcast by Radio Clyde, Glasgow area ILR station.  
•  MGM withdraws from film distribution; its remaining releases are transferred to United Artists.  
•  MGM withdraws from EMI-MGM Elstree Studios, which revert to full EMI control and extensive cost-cutting measures.  
•  Australia’s Commonwealth Film Unit is transferred to the newly created Department of the Media and renamed Film Australia.  
•  UK’s National Film School becomes the National Film and Television School.  
•  Australian Film and Television School is opened with federal funding.  
•  Watergate hearings are given 112 hours’ live coverage on NBC network.  
•  US ban on broadcast advertising of cigarettes is extended to small cigars.  
•  Programming for Canada’s Frontier Coverage Packages (FCPs) starts to be delivered via the Anik satellite system.  
•  Television services start in Sierra Leone and Togo; colour television is introduced in Bahrain. Television service start dates
•  First feature films made
• in Republic of the Congo: La Rançon d'une Alliance, directed by Sébastien Kamba.
• in Andorra: La Perversa Caricia de Satan (The Perverse Caress of Satan), a Spanish co-production and only Andorran film to date.
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