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January 3  Final Peanuts cartoon strip appears after 10 months short of 50 years of publication  
January 24  UK's EMI and Warner Music of the US announce that they are to merge to create the world's largest record company, with a global market share of up to 25 per cent.  
February 21  Live animation is transmitted by Cartoon Network in the US featuring cartoon character Johnny Bravo. Multi-Standard Instant Cartoon Images software developed by Alive Animation matches images with live voice-over in a phone-in for viewers by sequencing and synchronising short computer segments. The credibility of the animation depends on the crude simplicity of the original series. Pertinent quotation
March 4  Sony launches its PlayStation 2 games console.  
May 28  In Croatia Nova TV begins experimental transmissions. > November 3
May  Spain begins digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmissions.  
June 12  Record advertising rates are set in the UK for the half-time break in ITV's coverage of the England v Portugal match in the Euro 2000 football tournament: around £340,000 for 30 seconds across the whole network.  
July 1  The four main UK television channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel Four) switch from the 4:3 format to 14:9 for analogue transmissions and 16:9 for digital.  
July 21  Parliament in Poland approves a new Telecommunications Act. [0049] > 2004
August 27  Ostankino Tower in Moscow is damaged by fire that puts all Russian television services except NTV off the air.  
August 28  Premiere at the Clearview Strathmore Cinema at Aberdeen, New Jersey, of Driven Together, a feature film produced and directed by David M Kaiserman, and shot, edited and projected entirely in digital form. Possibly the first such event.
May 28  In Croatia Nova TV begins regular transmissions as the country's first nationwide commercial television channel.  
October 9  Law on Radio and Television comes into force in Armenia.  
December 1  Digital satellite broadcasting begins in Japan  
December 9  Digital six-screen cinema opened by T-Joy at Hiroshima, Japan is believed to be the first in the world not to have parallel or back-up conventional film projection facilities.  
December  UK prohibition on providing commercial public dancing on Sundays under the Sunday Observance Act 1780 (qv) is repealed.  
•  NBC pays $715m for the US television rights to the Olympic Games. OlympicsOlympic Games
•  Dutch television production company Endemol is sold by its founders to Spanish telecom and media company Telefónica for €5.5bn. 2005 November
•  According to a survey by video copying prevention specialist Macrovision, (only) 11 per cent of US households with more han one VCR have connected machines together for the purposes of tape-to-tape copying. [0081] < 1993
•  Shipments of VHS video recorders in Japan this year are 6.41m units. > 2007
•  In France, the gap between cinema release of a film and its release on video—the 'theatrical window', mandated by law—is reduced from 12 months to six months. < 1996
•  A group of US customers file a class action against video rental company Blockbuster alleging that fees for late return of rental videos is a deceptive business practice. One estimate is that stores earn up to 20 per cent of their revenue from this source. [0081] > 2001 June
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