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January 12  First Malaysian satellite, Measat 1, is launched.  
January  Broadcasting licence of Slovak private television channel DCTV is rescinded.  
January  Media Metrix begins measuring Internet traffic.  
April 22  American Museum of the Moving Image opens in Astoria Queens, New York.  
May 21  Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) in the US issues a 42-page Notice to Producers listing the production personnel who should receive screen credits under negotiated agreements.  
June 2  On National Cinema Day, UK cinemas charge £1 admission and sell 1m tickets. As part of the celebrations to mark the centenary of the cinema, 300 plaques are erected at film-related sites throughout the UK.  
June 23  Nintendo 64 games console is launched in Japan. It sells 1.3m units by the end of the year—as many as Sony's PlayStation sold in the whole of 1995.  
July 1  All new housing developments in Singapore must henceforth be cable-ready.  
July 26  DF1 digital television platform for Germany is launched by Kirch Group.  
August 31  TV Markiza begins television transmission in Slovakia using the frequencies of the former TA3 channel, which closed in 1993.  
September 7  First Italian pay-per-view service launched by Telepiù from Eutelsat Hot Bird satellite. Telepiù Calcio carries all the national soccer league games. Around 6,000 homes are connected ready for the launch.  
September  Canal Plus acquires NetHold.  
September 29  Nintendo 64 games console is launched in the US.  
October 19  UK launch of FCN (Fox Children’s Network).  
October 22  Mercury Communications merges with Bell Cablemedia, Nynex and Videotron to create Cable & Wireless Communications, which becomes UK's largest cable operator.  
October 23  Dil Cheez by Bally Sagoo becomes the first Asian-language single to enter the UK Top 40 chart.  
October 31  TG4 (Telefis na Gaeilge) launches in Ireland as a predominantly Irish-language television service, modelled on the UK's Welsh-language S4C. About 41 per cent of the Irish population can understand the language to some extent.  
November 25  European Court of Human Rights upholds the British Board of Film Classification's decision to ban Visions of Ecstasy, about St Teresa of Ávila, on the grounds of blasphemy. UK film censorship
November 1  First DVD Video players from Toshiba and Matsushita (Panasonic) go on sale in Japan. The two Panasonic models cost ¥79,800 ($720) and ¥98,000 ($885). Only three software titles are available on disc, although about 20 are expected within a month.  
November 21  Eutelsat's Hot Bird 2 television satellite is launched by a Lockheed Martin Atlas IIA rocket.  
November  Japanese manufacturer Matsushita Kotobuki ships the first DVD-ROM drives for desk-top PCs.  
November  Norwegian group Schibsted acquires a substantial part of Danish film distributor Metronome in partnership with TeleDanmark.  
November  Telecom Finland launches cable Internet.  
December 18  Eutelsat's 20-transponder Hot Bird 2 television satellite goes into commercial operation  
December 29  Last of three special editions of BBC comedy series Only Fools and Horses achieves the largest ever UK television audience: 24.5m viewers. The two previous episodes on December 25 and 27 were seen by 21.3m each.  
December 30, 20:00  First UK network television programme wholly funded by an advertiser is Now We’re Talking, commissioned from Carlton Television for the ITV Network. Funded by British Telecom, it is closely related to BT’s advertising slogan ‘It’s good to talk’.  
December  Helsinki Media Company sells a 10 per cent stake in MTV Group, operator of commercial channel MTV3, to Finnish newspaper publisher Aamulehti.  
December  Kinnevik's ViaSat announces new mini-pay package—a new strategy that introduces the concept of premium DTH to the region.  
•  Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion (CLT) moves its television operations from Villa Louvigny to Kirchberg.  
•  Walt Disney Company acquires Capital Cities/ABC television and radio broadcasting networks.  
•  Pay TV is introduced in Fiji by Sky Fiji.  
•  US Congress renews the National Film Preservation Act for seven more years and creates a private sector charitable National Film Preservation Foundation to raise funding for film preservation. > 2005
•  In France, the gap between cinema release of a film and its release on video—the 'theatrical window', mandated by law—is reduced from 18 months to 12 months. > 2000
•  Clark Gable's Academy Award (Oscar) as Best Actor in It Happened One Night is bought at auction for $607,000.  
•  Seagram begins radio and television advertising of liquor products, ending a prohibition that had existed since 1948.  
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