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May 16  First film screened digitally in cinemas from a DVD is The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, shown in four Norwegian cinemas in Kristiansand, Lillehammer, Moss and Risřr. The projection system is that used for pre-film screening of advertising, not the high-resolution kind being developed for cinema presentations.  
July  DigitAlb launches a digital terrestrial television (DTT) service in Albania.  
July  Shijak TV becomes the first Albanian television station available across Europe via satellite. > 2004
August 4  Germany's Berlin-Brandenburg region completes the conversion from analogue to digital terrestrial television and becomes the first location in the world to switch off analogue transmitters.  
September 19  Sun TV begins transmissions in standard and high definition television from the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.  
October 1  Icelandic television service Skjár 2 (Screen 2) begins transmissions. [0066] > 11 January 2004
October 9  Icelandic television service Stöđ 3 (Channel 3) begins transmissions. [0066] > 5 May 2004
October  Voom direct-to-home (DTH) satellite service, including 39 high-definition channels, is launched in the US by Rainbow Media, competing with DirecTV and EchoStar. > 2005
November 3  India's state television broadcaster Doordarshan launches a 24-hour news channel, DD-News.  
November 16  RTÜK, the media regulator in Turkey, announces that limited broadcasts in Kurdish will be permitted on radio and television. National private channels only will be allowed to broadcast for five hours a week on radio and four hours on television. > 2004 June
November  Chinese manufacturers display the Enhanced Versatile Disc (EVD) in Beijing as a next-generation contender to succeed DVD. Developed by China’s Beijing E-world Technology and the US technology company On2 Technologies, it is supported by 10 leading Chinese consumer electronics manufacturers and has been approved by the Standards Administration of China. It stores 120 minutes of high definition content on a dual-layer 9 Gb DVD disc. > 2004
December 1  Japan begins digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmissions.  
December 13  Armenia's new Law on Mass Information requires broadcasters to devote an average of 55 per cent of airtime to Armenian programmes, which can include foreign material dubbed into Armenian.  
December 31  In the Netherlands, the new Media Act (Mediawet) comes into force.  
•  National Broadcasting Company changes its name to NBC Universal.  
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