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January 18  Re-release of My Sweet Lord by George Harrison (died November 2001) replaces More Than a Woman by Aaliyah at the top of the UK record charts—the first time one dead artist has succeeded another in that position.  
January  Singing cowboy film star Roy Roger’s gold, silver and ruby-studded saddle and harness sell at auction in Mesa, Arizona for $412,000. His chaps and gauntlets fetch $187,000 and his silver spurs and boot tops $61,000.  
March 1  European Convention on Transfrontier Television comes into force, extending the provisions of the European Union's Television Without Frontiers directive to all member states of the Council of Europe.  
April  BBC's Broadcasting and Presentation Department is set up as a commercial subsidiary, BBC Broadcast. > 2005
May 31-June 30  Games of the FIFA World Cup football tournament finals, held in Japan and South Korea, are televised in 213 counties and attract a cumulative total of 28,843.58m viewers. Total transmission time is 41,324 hours. [0065] < 1998
> 2006
June  In the US, Discovery Networks launches a round-the-clock high definition television channel, Discovery HD. > 2005
June  A new Law on Television and Radio Broadcasting is introduced in Azerbaijan. > 11 September 2004
August 20  Sony announces that production of Betamax videocassette recorder will cease after 2,000 more units are produced for the Japanese market. In the year to March production had amounted to 2,700 units. Sony blames difficulties of sourcing components and the advent of digital recorders for the final demise. < 1993
October 22  UK's Freeview free-to-air digital terrestrial television (DTT) service officially begins.  
October 26  Most UK regions of the ITV network adopt a common identity with the ITV1 brand. > 2006
November  Germany begins digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmissions.  
•  Hwerow Hweg (Bitter Sweet), the first film made in Kernuak, the Celtic language almost extinct in Cornwall, England, is released.  
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