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Cultural highlights of 1933

Radio shows: UK
New shows
In Town Tonight (BBC, from 18 November). Topical magazine programme.
Scrapbook (BBC, from 11 December). First of a series historical reviews year-by-year usuing contemporary audio recordings begins with 1913.

Radio shows: US
New shows
Ma Perkins (various, from 14 August). First episode is broadcast on radio station WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio. Transfers from WLW Cincinnati to WMAQ in Chicago and goes nationwide from 4 December. It is later also broadcast on the CBS network. The title role is played by 23-year-old Virginia Payne, who plays the part for 7,065 episodes over the next 27 years.
The Kraft Music Hall (NBC from 26 June). Variety show at the start of a run that will continue until transfer to television in 1949. Its host is Al Jolson (later succeeded by Bing Crosby, Milton Berle, Perry Como and others).
The Lone Ranger (from 30 January). Cowboy series. It runs until 3 September 1954, a total of 2,956 episodes.
Red Adams (NBC, from 2 October). Later renamed Red Davis, it continues on air until 1959.

Print media: US
Esquire. First edition (4 October).


Chronomedia 1933

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