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Cultural highlights of 1936

Radio shows: US
New shows
Backstage Wife (transfers from the Mutual Broadcasting System to NBC, from 30 March. Soap, remains on air until 1961.
The Green Hornet (WXYZ Detroit, from 31 January). Action adventure from the team that created The Lone Ranger.
Professor Quiz, (from 11 October). First nationwide US radio quiz show, show begins a 12- year run. In a reversal of the customary process, contestants received $25 if they can ask the host, Dr Craig Earl (aka Professor Quiz) a question that he could not answer.

Television shows: UK
New shows
Picture Page. (BBC, from 9 October). Magazine programme.

Other media
First issue of Life magazine (23 November), published by Henry Luce, strong on photo-journalism. The first cover shows a baby being born with the caption 'Life begins'.

Chronomedia 1936

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