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UK media laws: Cinema and films

22 & 23 Geo. 5 c. 51

An Act to permit and regulate the opening and use of places on Sundays for certain entertainments and for debates, and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.

1.— Provision as to cinematograph entertainments. An authority designated under Cinematograph Act 1909 1 can allow Sunday shows anyway, subject to safety and employment regulations; not more than five per cent of takings nor more than the profit earned from Sunday shows to be paid to a new Cinematograph Fund.
2.—Provision as to Cinematograph Fund. Under the control of the Privy Council, to be used for 'encouraging the use and development of the cinematograph as a means of entertainment and instruction'. This section amended by the Sunday Cinema Act 1972 c.19 3.
4.—No offence under Sunday Observance Acts 1625 [since repealed] to 1780 to hold film shows.
6.—Act does not extend to Scotland or Northern Ireland.

l.—Extension of Powers to allow Cinematograph Entertainments. Allows a poll of local electors [under Local Government Act 1933] on whether to allow Sunday cinemas. This provision repealed by the Sunday Cinema Act 1972 c.19.

1933/110     Cinematograph Fund Regulations

Whole Act repealed by Licensing Act 2003

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