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January 28  Telegraph services and infrastructure in the British Isles are taken into state ownership, under the control of the Postmaster General.  
•  Heyl’s Phasmatrope—involving painstaking process of photographic animation—is demonstrated in Philadelphia.  
•  Celluloid trade-marked in US by John W Hyatt (see also 1861, 1865). or was this 1873 January 14??  
•  Sir William Thomson (knighted for services to engineering in 1866) devises a siphon recorder that can record a received telegraph signal on paper.  
•  Joseph Bamforth Limited is founded at Holmfirth, Yorkshire to produce picture postcards and lantern slides. At first the cards are hand-coloured.  
•  Charles Adams in New York starts to manufacture Adams New York Gum No 1, a chewing gum.  
1871 Chronokey  
May  Half-tone photographs, to illustrate Photography by Typographic Printing Press, published in Stockholm by engraver Carl Gustaf Wilhelm Carleman.  
July  Half-tone illustrations are first used in a magazine, Nordisk Boktrycheri-Tidning (Nordic Printing News).  
September 8  Dr Richard Leach Maddox describes a silver bromide gelatine photographic emulsion allowing much shorter exposure times.  
•  Antonio Meucci files a patent caveat on an electric telephone.  
•  UK's Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company lays an undersea telegraph cable between Java and Darwin, Northern Territories, where it connects with the Australian Overland Telegraph.  
•  Process for cutting halftone blocks for printing photographs in newspapers is introduced.  
1872 Chronokey  
April  William Henry Ward of New York files for a patent on a transmission system using a telegraph tower 'broadcasting' to a number of receiving antennae.  
•  Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904, Edward James Muggeridge in Kingston-on-Thames, England but resident on San Francisco) is commissioned by Governor Leland Stanford of California to take instantaneous photographs of a favourite race horse. Muybridge builds a photographic apparatus with tripwires to record the motion of the horse as it passes a series of trackside cameras. Thus begins Muybridge's series of experiments in the USA to photograph animals and humans in motion. > 1877
•  Patent granted for system of communication by aerial conduction is granted to Mahlon Loomis, a dentist in Washington DC, who had observed the effects on telegraphs in Maryland during an auroral storm in 1859.  
•  Several British-controlled telegraph companies, mostly formed by John Pender, merge to become the Eastern Telegraph Company.  
•  First overseas telegraph service from Japan is established via submarine cables between Nagasaki and Shanghai and Vladivostock.  
1873 Chronokey  
March 1  E Remington & Sons introduce the company's first typewriter.  
•  James Clerk Maxwell postulates light as part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  
•  Photo-sensitive properties of selenium are discovered by a telegraph operator called Joseph May. Acting on this report, the principle of selenium's photo-sensitivity is confirmed by Willoughby Smith, an engineer with the Telegraph Construction Maintenance Company in Britain, while devising a means of testing undersea telegraph cables as they are being laid, and reported in the Journal of the Society of Telegraph Engineers.  
•  In his short story L'Affichage celeste (Heavenly Advertising), Villiers de l'Isle-Adam (1838-1889) proposes that light beams could be used to create advertisements and political messages projected onto the sky. Quotation by Villier de l'Isle-Adam
•  The relationship that resistance of selenium varies directly with the square root of the illumination is found by W G Adams.  
•  Electric motor using DC current, invented by Zénobe Gramme (1826-1901) of Belgium, exhibited in Vienna.  
1874 Chronokey  
•  In France, Pierre-Jules-César Janssen (1824-1907) makes multiple exposure photographs of the transit of Venus across the sun.  
•  First purpose-built cable-laying ship is launched.  
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