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January 1  Samuel Morse opens a 50-mile electric telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore using his code for messages.  
June  Michael Faraday discovers that a ray of light polarised in a particular plane can be diverted by the presence of a magnet.  
•  Electric telegraph on the Paddington-West Drayton line in London is used to apprehend a wanted man.  
•  Baron Franz von Uchatius, an Austrian military officer, patents his Wheel of Life principle.  
•  The Times has by far the largest daily circulation of any British newspaper, selling up to 26,000 copies.  
•  Electric Telegraph Company formed in Britain to collect and distribute news as well as providing a general telegraphy service.  
1846 Chronokey  
•  The Daily News is founded in Britain, using presses that can print 5,000-6,000 copies an hour. > 1868
1847 Chronokey  
•  F C Bakewell invents the 'copying telegraph' using synchronous sequential scanning.  
1848 Chronokey  
November 1  First railway bookstall is opened at Euston station, London by W H Smith. > 1860
•  British publisher George Routledge launches the Railway Library of quality novels and non-fiction, of which 1,300 titles are published in the ensuing 50 years. The idea is similar to that developed in Germany by Tauschnitz.  
•  First postal collection boxes are installed in Belgium, 10 years before the idea is introduced in the USA. The UK has already introduced the penny post.  
1849 Chronokey  
February 14  In New York Matthew Brady takes the first photograph of a serving US president, James Polk.  
mid year  Frederick and William Langenheim buy the US rights to Fox Talbot's photographic system and open a studios in five states but the business fails as daguerrotypes achieve a dominant market position.  
•  Combination of Daguerreotypes and Phenakistiscope is proposed by Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau.  
•  Electric clock patented by Charles Shepherd in UK.  
•  Telephone device is invented by Italian Antonio Meucci at Havana, Cuba, using electrical impulses—but not very effectively. Meucci files for a patent in 1871
•  Émile Littré begins to compile a dictionary of the classical French language. > 1859
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