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January 8  Zenith Electronics introduces its first digital high definition television receivers in the US. Model IQADTV1W has a list price of $5,995.  
January 19  Titanic becomes the first film to take more than $20m on each of the first five weekends on release in the US.  
January  Danish media group Egmont and US studio Columbia-TriStar create Egmont-Columbia-TriStar Distribution for theatrical distribution in Norway and Finland.  
February 12  Handwritten copy of Bernie Taupin's lyrics for the version of Candle in the Wind revised for the funeral service of Princess Diana sells at auction in Beverly Hills for $442,500, which goes to her charities.  
February  Tele Danmark launches digital cable services, using its Selector set-top box, with Canal Digital channels and pay-per-view.  
February  Sweden's Radio and Television authority receives 60 bids to operate digital terrestrial TV channels. Initially only eight channels are planned; four are set aside for SVT and TV4. Key bidders include Canal Plus and MTG. Launch of services is planned for January 1999.  
March 10  First Love, debut album by Hikaru Utada, is released and becomes the biggest-selling Japanese record ever, selling 4.5m copies in the first month and 7m by May.  
March 12  US Federal Communications Commission adopts an order to make mandatory the currently voluntary scheme to incorporate filters (V-chip technology) into television receivers to provide parents with ratings of programme suitability for children and to allow blocking of unsuitable programmes.  
March  Fox switches its theatrical distribution contract in Finland from Finnkino to newly-formed Egmont-Columbia-TriStar Distribution (ECTD). Warner decides to close its Norwegian distribution operation for financial reasons.  
March  Telenor buys SMATV distribution company SF Vision from Bonnier Group’s Svensk Film.  
March  Norwegian public broadcaster NRK announces plans for a new digital channel, NRK International, to be carried as part of Canal Digital's free package.  
April 1  Alma Media, formed through the merger of Finland's Aamulehti and MTV Group, begins trading under its new name.  
April 18  In the US Disney launches Toon Disney, a cable channel aimed at children aged 6-12. > 13 February 2009
April  First DVD Video players go on sale in Europe in a 'soft' launch.  
April  Danish broadcaster TV2 buys Nydalen Studios film and television production facility from Egmont and Schibsted.  
May 1  Icelandic television channel Barnarásin (Children's Channel) begins transmissions. [0066] > mid September
June 10-July 10  Games of the FIFA World Cup football tournament finals, held in France, are televised in 196 counties and attract a cumulative total of 24,770.45m viewers. Total transmission time is 29,145 hours. [0065] < 1998
> 2002
July 16  A Working Party chaired by Sir Anthony Kenny presents its report on legal deposit of non-print publications (audio-visual and electronic items) to the UK's Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. It recommends that statutory deposit of all films, television programmes and sound recordings is essential if material is not to be lost, citing the British Film Institute's estimate that 80 per cent of all silent films and up to 50 per cent of all sound films no longer exist. Read the report online
September 7  Google search engine company is founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, former students of Stanford University.  
mid September  Icelandic television channel Barnarásin (Children's Channel) ceases transmissions. [0066]  
September 21  Canadian companies Atlantic Communications and Alliance Communications Corporation merge to become Alliance Atlantis Communications.  
September 25  Icelandic television service The Movie Channel (later called Stöð 2 bíó) begins transmissions. [0066]  
October 1  BSkyB launches Sky Digital, its satellite digital television service.  
October 16  Icelandic television service Skjár 1 (Screen 1) begins transmissions. [0066]  
October 30  Icelandic television service Channel 8 begins transmissions. [0066] > September 1999
October  Internet traffic measurement company Media Metrix merges with its largest rival, Relevant Knowledge.  
November 15  Launch of UK's free-to-air digital terrestrial television (DTT) service ONdigital with a £90m advertising and promotion budget. Subsidised set-top boxes cost £200. Package of 11 channels costs £9.99 a month, or any six channels for £6.99.  
November 27  Sega launches its Dreamcast games console in Japan.  
December 25  US sales of DVD Video players total 100,000 in the past two weeks, bringing the total sold to date to more than a million.  
•  Les Editions de l'Etoile, publisher of French film magazine Cahiers du Cinéma, is taken over by Groupe Le Monde.  
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